A steam humidifier using resistive element to produce pure and sterile steam on demand; for residential and light commercial applications.
It will keep your indoor air safe & healthy at home. 

Designed for life


Easy to install

  • Wall mount with mounting bracket for easy & quick installation
  • Suitable for tap (city) water or treated water such as softened or RO water without the need of additional option
    or special kit.
  • Steam manifold for duct, steam hose, water inlet flexible braided hose, wall mounting bracket.
    Everything you need is in the box!


Easy to control

  • Fully modulating humidifier with internal PID for more precise steam production, better comfort, and better efficiency
  • Intuitive control with unique touch pad
  • Control signal with On/Off, RH% sensor or external signal for easy integration
  • Compatible with any smart Thermostat such as Ecobee, Nest, Honeywell or others
  • Modbus RTU remote communication for easy monitoring 

Easy to service

  • Service fro cleaning is done in minutes without the need for tools or consumable or spare parts to replace.
    it can be done by anyone without  special skills or knowledge.
  • Cylindrical shape of the tank helps for cleaning as there is no hard to reach corners where the scale loves to sit.
  • No plastic cylinder or other consumable to waste and to replace regurlary


  • Most robust heating element
  • Stainless steel cylinder is thermally insulated saving energy.
  • Suitable for tap (city) water or treated water such as softened or RO water without the need of additional option or
    special kit.
  • steamOvap design team is one of the most experienced of the industry: Durability is one of the key objective that has governed steamOres humidifier’s design.
    This gives us the confidence to offer 3 years manufacturer warranty + 5 years warranty on cylinder.
  • IER is using resistive immersed heater technology with a stainless steel cylinder. Our cylinder will last for ever.
    Unlike electrode boiler technology using plastic canister (and same business model as ink-jet printer technology):
    the more you will use  electrode boiler humidifier the more you will need new canisters….
  • Permanent stainless steel cylinder

Technical data

120 Vac models RES120-06 RES120-08 RES120-11 RES120-15
Capacity 1.9lb/h 2.4lb/h 3.4lb/h 4.5lb/h
0.86kg/h 1.46kg/h 1.54kg/h 2.0kg/h
Power 0.6kW 0.8kW 1.1kW 1.5kW
Current 5.0A 6.7A 9.4A 12.5A
Voltage 120Vac-1ph
(supplied with power cord & standard plug)
208 & 240Vac models RES208-19 RES208-24 RES208-34 RES208-45 RES240-25 RES240-32 RES240-45
Capacity 5.6lb/h 7.2lb/h 10.0lb/h 13.5lb/h 7.5lb/h 9.6lb/h 13.5lb/h
2.5kg/h 3.3kg/h 4.6kg/h 6.1kg/h 3.4kg/h 4.4kg/h 6.1kg/h
Power 1.9kW 2.4kW 3.4kW 4.5kW 2.5kW   3.2kW 4.5kW 
Current 9.2A 11.5A 16.3A 21.7A  10.4A 13.4A  18.8A 
Voltage 208Vac – 1ph
240Vac – 1ph 

















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