Ultrasonic Humidifier

AUL01 ultrasonic humidifier is nebulizing water into micro particles producing a dry fog that is quickly absorbed by the surrounding air.

AUL01 is a perfect solution for compact and modular ultrasonic humidification. It generates humidity by breaking up the molecules of the water contained in the reservoir and producing mist through the energy transferred by ultrasonic ceramic transducers. The mist (humidity) is introduced into the space via a rigid tube.


Direct in space

In direct in-room configuration the AUL01 humidifiers consists of the following components:


  • Ultrasonic module equipped with air circulation fan
  • Mist distribution pipe kit that can be easily adapted on site
  • In room RH% sensor
  • Optional remote controller.



For In-duct configuration the AUL01 (without air circulation fan) will be prepared so it is easy to install on the side of the duct.


  • Special air intake and mist distribution piping kit
  • In duct RH% sensor
  • Optional remote controller



AUL01 is equipped with drain valve. Automatic and regular drain cycle are performed to ensure that water cannot be stagnant in the tank.
Air inlet is filtered to avoid water contamination from air particles and bacteria.




Easy to control

  • High accuracy +/-1%RH. & high humidity: up to 96%RH
  • Ideal for humidification at low temperature – up to 32F [0C]
  • Modular design and master/slave operation
  • Safe operation with 24Vac power supply and water leakage protection
  • Modbus RTU remote communication
  • Optional remote controller with touch screen, or WiFi connectivity, or BACn

Maintenance free

  • Operate at low temperature
  • Low energy consumption


  • It can accept untreated water or RO treated water.
    Although it is recommended to use pure water to avoid fine dust of minerals sprayed in the surrounding.
  • 3 years warranty on all the others components of the system.









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