• ILS humidifier by steamOvap is a live steam humidifier using steam from a central steam boiler. It is conditioning and distributing steam in your air handling unit (or air duct).
  • ILS humidifier is available in 3 different models: ILS-P with horizontal steam ramp and pre-heat jacket, ILS-SO with steamOsorb vertical steam ramps or ILS-SE with high efficiency steamOsorb vertical steam ramps.
  • ILS includes all the components required for the treatment and conditioning of low pressure steam such as strainer, separator, steam ramps, as well as F & T condensate trap and the actuated control valve.
  • ILS uses integral stainless steel construction of grade 304  (higher grade available upon request), a proven design and introduces world’s class electronic controller for easy start up and trouble free operation for the life of the humidifier. 
  • Optional electronic controller allows you to ease-up start-up operation and service, it is offered with Modbus, BACnet communication.


ILS-P single ramp


Easy to install. 
Compact size.


ILS-P multi-ramp



In-field assembly.
Can deliver very large steam capacity


ILS-SO Vertical multi-ramps



Can meet very short non wetting distance.
Lowest investment cost.


ILS-SE high efficiency vertical multi-ramps



Ideal for 4 seasons humidification.
Highest efficiency & zero waste (with pressure motive pump).



  • 0 to 100% fully modulating steam production.
  • Stainless steel steam separator.
  • Float & Thermostatic condensate trap.
  • Fail safe analog and linear actuated valve.
  • Made to measure to duct dimensions.
  • Bronze body valve S/S trim or integral stainless steel valve
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty.
  • Safety Thermal switch on F&T steam trap.
  • Motorized on/off valve on steam supply.
  • Pressure motive pump allowing closed loop circuit and 0 condensate to drain.
  • DI water compatible construction.
  • Electronic controller.
  • Modbus or BACnet RS485 communication

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