AEM Evaporative humidifier / air cooler

AEM Evaporative humidifier and cooler using media is designed to be installed in Air Handling Unit (AHU) or ventilation duct. Air passing through the wet media is getting humidifier and cooled down naturally. It is one of the oldest cooling technology and also the most sustainable one.






  • AEM Evaporative humidifier & air cooler will humidified air in winter and reduce cooling demand in summer.
  • AEM can also be used a indirect cooler with heat recovery heat exchanger.
  • Very low energy consumption, less than 100W.
  • Unique & innovative pulse to demand control with no water loss.
  • Very safe & hygienic . Zero risk of stagnant water or bacteria growth.
  • No need for pure water, wasting tap water.
  • Evaporation efficiency up to 99% (at 200 FPM).
  • Very low pressure drop across evaporation media.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL – no Volatile Organic Coumpond (VOC) in supply air
  • Inorganic ceramic evaporative media material.
  • Best choice for Data center aiming for PUE close to 1.

Indirect evaporative cooling

Direct evaporative cooling & humidification


Easy to control

  • Innovative pulse to demand control offering full modulation.
  • Unique design with the power of board computer and user friendliness
    of 7in touch screen (industry largest).
  • Log of operation and alarms easily exportable.
  • Modbus remote control is standard
  • Optional BACnet RS485.
  • Dashboard screen indicates AEM status and log all recent events.
    Activity log can be adapted to your needs.
  • Accepts all control signals and range avalaible in the HVAC industry.
  • Real time scheduler allows for operation adapted to specific time schedule.
  • Multilingual and multi-units display.

Easy to service

  • Suitable for tap or RO water without additional option.
  • Legionella safe : aerosol free and no stagnant water.
  • Lowest energy consumption of the industry !
  • Very safe – No electrical connection or component close to or next to water.
  • Easy to remove & replace media with no metal cassette that can be stuck by scale.
  • No tool are required for regular service.


  • Electrically sound design : no electrical component close to or submerged by water.
  • Integral stainless steel construction for frame and media cassettes.
  • Very low energy consumption, less than 100W.
  • Evaporation efficiency up to 99% (at 200 FPM).
  • Very low pressure drop across evaporation media.
  • Suitable for tap (city) water or treated water such as softened or RO water without the need of additional option or special kit.
  • No need for UV light or chemical to add to water as there is zero risk of stagnant water.
  • Longest warranty of the industry: 3 years !
  • steamOvap design team is one of the most experienced of the industry: Durability is one of the key objective that has governed AEM humidifier’s design.


Technical data

Evaporation efficiency


Pressure drop accross media








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