Air & Water atomizer

ACA by steamOvap is an atomizing humidifier & cooler that uses patented nozzle producing a “solid con” jet of micro droplets (2 to 4μm size) as a uniform “dry fog” which evaporates quickly into the air.


Direct in-room atomizing

ACA atomizer is available for direct in-room installation. In this configuration the humidifier consists of the following components:


  • Atomizing box with 2 or 4 atomizers easy to install on the wall,
  • Electronic controller,
  • RH% and /or temperature sensors,
  • Optional low pressure RO water treatment.


In-duct atomizing

ACA atomizer is also offered  for in-duct installation. When AHU or duct work is present , or for application such as Data center, in-duct installation will provide the most efficient solution. For such configuration the ACA atomizer will be pre-installed on a ramp at the factory.


  • Atomizing ramp made up to the width of the duct,
  • Number and grid configuration of atomizer will depend on the application,
  • A wet duct section should be provided,
  • Droplet separator available in option, handle one or two AHU conditions.
  • Electronic controller can
  • Optional low pressure RO water treatment.


Easy to control

  • ACA atomizing humidifier / cooler does include atomizer for installation into duct or directly in space, an electronic controller able to control up to 2 zones/spaces, RH% and temperature transmitter, and if required low pressure RO (Reverse Osmosis) water pre-treatment.
  • This atomizer producing a dry fog of micro droplets (2 to 4µm) is the ideal humidification solution for cold storage as droplets are not freezing up even at very low temperature such as 32°F [0°C].
  • The cooling effect of adiabatic process using heat transfer from surrounding air is making the ACA a perfect solution for Data centers or pre-cooling of gas turbine or HVAC dry coolers.


Maintenance free

  • With ACA atomizer, there is no need of orifice cleaning.
  • It accepts untreated water ( up to 100ppm TDS ).
  • This atomizer is an original patented venturi atomizer.
  • Maintenance free atomizer.
  • Operate at very low temperature.
  • Non clogging large orifice.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Low compressed air pressure required (87Psi).


  • ACA atomizer is offered with a lifetime warranty (15 years) !
  • It can accept untreated water up to 100ppm TDS or RO treated water.
    Allthough it is recommended to use pure water to avoid fine dust of minerals sprayed in the surrounding.
  • Its patented venturi design makes it the most robust atomizer on the market with large non-clogging orifice.
  • 3 years warranty on all the others components of the system.









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