Why is humidity important for woodworking industry?

Wood is a natural hygroscopic material, so any dry air will cause the woodworking to changes in dimensions, including shrinking or swelling, cupping or warping, and checking or splitting; and a variety of static electricity-based problems which will affect product quality and part reject rates.

Dry conditions will cause gluing and laminating troubles such as curing problems, ill-fitting pieces or glue joints separating, or veneers popping off the base wood as the dimensions change or pieces are twisting.

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Recommended humidity level for your woodworking shop.

The recommended humidity level for Woodworking facility is 45 to 50% RH.

(Reference: ASHRAE Handbooks)


How can you bring humidity to your woodworking facility?

Most of the humidifier technologies can be applied to humidify Woodworking plant

Selection of the proper humidification solution should be based on the following:

  • What is the required maximum humidification capacity (load) required?
  • What sources of energy are available on site?
  • How is the ventilation system installed and how is the air distributed?
  • Which humidification system will require the least amount of energy – calculated for the overall HVAC system?

It is common for this application to require humidification directly in the space, which is usually a large warehouse with high ceiling.

 AEM evaporative humidifier and cooler from steamOvap is an efficient solution to raised humidity level in wood working facility.

ACA compressed air & water is another good choice for woodworking facility since nozzles can be installed closed to the woodworking machines raising humidity level locally where it is critical for the process.

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