Why is humidity important for spa?

In winter, heating up your spa will dry the indoor air, regardless of the source of heating. When relative humidity drops below 35% RH everything will dry up and everyone living in this environment will dehydrate. Typical symptoms are:

  • Dry and itchy skin, dry hair, dry nose, sore throat. contact lenses prematurely drying out and causing discomfort, sore eyes
  • Dust and lint particles scatter through the air increase allergies and asthma.
  • Electrostatic discharge:  you get small electric chock when you touch electric appliance or even when you touch someone else. Other symptom is flyaway hair.
  • Illness such as flu, caused by easy transmission of airborne viruses and dry nose and throat not properly protected by natural mucus produced by our body.
  • Wood works and wooden floors will crack and might damage over time

The above symptoms will result in tired guests instead of relaxed. The rooms adjoining pools and wellness suites should therefore not only be kept warm, they must also be supplied with a comfortable level humidity.

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Recommended humidity level for your spa.

The recommended humidity level for human health is between 30-60%RH.
(Reference: ASHRAE Handbooks)

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How can you bring humidity to your spa?

Most of the humidifier technologies are offered on the market to humidify your Spa

Selection of the proper humidification solution should be based on the following:

  • What is the required maximum humidification capacity (load) required?
  • What sources of energy are available on site?
  • How is the ventilation system is installed and how is the air distributed?
  • Which humidification system will require the least amount of energy – calculated for the overall HVAC system?

IER electric steam humidifier is an easy and efficient solution to bring humidity to your spa.

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