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Why humidity is important for artifact and musical instrument conservation?

Humidity control is very important for musical instrument or artifact conservation, they are very sensitive to air and humidity level variation. Any relative humidity change might cause:

  • Problem to preserve works of art;
  • Deformation for canvas and parchments;
  • Books dehydration and cracking of the paper and glue;
  • Any wooden instrument to warp and crack
  • String dehydration and cracking,

Therefore museums and musical center storage rooms need to control the environment; this requires a reliable and responsive humidification system.

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Recommended humidity level for your conservation room

The recommended humidity level for Artifact conservation room is 50 +/-5%RH for class AA and A of control.
(Reference: ASHRAE Handbooks)

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How can you bring humidity to your artifact conservation room?

Most of the humidifier technologies are offered on the market to humidify your Conservation room

Selection of the proper humidification solution should be based on the following:

  • What is the required maximum humidification capacity (load) required?
  • What sources of energy are available on site?
  • How is the ventilation system installed and how is air distributed?
  • Which humidification system will require the least amount of energy – calculated for the overall HVAC system?

IER electric steam humidifier is an easy and efficient solution to control precise to very precise humidity level (up to +/-1%RH) to artifact or musical instrument conservation room.

ISE steam exchange or ILS Live steam humidifier are another solutions to be considered,
If raw steam from boiler is not contaminated and suitable for direct injection in the air stream, ILS humidifier is the easiest way to bring humidity to the building with a relatively low cost of ownership since minimal maintenance is required,
If raw steam from boiler is not suitable for direct injection, or if you need very safe, sterile and pure source of atmospheric steam then ISE humidifier is the best choice.

Gas fired humidifier or other technologies able to deliver large humidity capacity can be considered.

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